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Changing Your Membership Status


If you have participated in a Body Electric event, workshop or course, our booking system will have automatically generated a profile for you.  

Using the email you use to register for events, log into your Body Electric Profile.

To Log Into Your Profile

Step 1:   Click on the Login icon (it may look like this or this) on the top right hand corner of the BE Home Page.

Step 2:   If you previously logged in, enter your email and password to log in.  

If you do not have a password set or don’t remember it, click ‘Forgot Password’ and follow the prompts to set a new password. Then return to this icon  and log in with the email you used to register for your events and your newly set password.  

If you have used multiple emails to register and pay for events you will need to contact our Registrar to have your profiles merged.

Change your Membership Status

Step 3: Once logged in, your profile will be displayed on the screen.   While on this page, you can identify your Membership level.     Follow these steps:

      • Click on the word 'Profile' along the menu bar (first item from the left);
      • Look for the line 'Membership Level'. This will show your current membership level.   At the end of that line you will see the word 'Change'.  Click on the word 'Change'.    See screenshot below.   

      • This will activate the membership options.  Select the Membership Level you wish to change to and follow the prompts.  
      • Once you have completed the change to your Membership, you will receive an email confirmation.  
Please note:  upgrading of membership re-commences you membership period from the date of the upgrade at the new level fee.   No partial payments or upgrades are available.  Any monies paid for a previous membership level do not contribute to your new membership level and no refunds will be provided for the difference. 


If you are having trouble logging into your profile, click here and follow the steps.  

If you choose the wrong membership level you desire, contact our Registrar via email and include the following information:

          • what email address you used to log in to your profile;
          • what membership level you selected and which level you wish to be.

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