Men's Morning Erotic Practice - Fall 2022

  • Wed, September 14, 2022
  • 9:00 AM
  • Wed, November 16, 2022
  • 10:00 AM
  • Virtual


Norms & Agreements

Please commit to the norms and agreements for this course, listed below. Thank you for adhering to these norms & agreements as we strive to create a safe space for everyone to be fully in their practice.

  • We practice confidentiality. What you see here, stays here.
  • Please be on time.  You will not be allowed into the class after 10 minutes past the hour. 
  • We ask that you record nothing.
  • Nudity: You have total choice about how much of yourself you would like to show in this experience. You can be fully naked, partially naked, or fully clothed. You can be on or off camera as you choose. Please know that there will be other people who will be fully naked on screen.
  • Voyeurism. While it is delightful to witness other people experiencing their eroticism, this is not an experience where it is appropriate to come to simply watch others. We ask you to be in your practice with your own body through the experience. If the facilitator feels that there is inappropriate voyeurism happening, he will speak with you about it and, if necessary, remove you from the group.

      "I was hesitant to participate in this class at first, because of body issues and shame messages from my past.  But it has been a healing experience for me, both because of Craig’s encouraging facilitating and because of the consistent group of men who make me relax and stop worrying.  I am allowed by their consent and companionship to leave my head and go into my body and focus on the energy.  My whole day is better for having started out here". Kevin K. 

      "The men's morning erotic practice class is a beautiful, safe, meditative, relaxing, empowering space to share breathing techniques, and personal massage of many parts of my body, especially my erogenous zones in the company of other men.  The 10 minute meditation is wonderful.  The short breakout room session with 1-3 other men to share our own personal experience for that day is very heart warming.  The facilitator, Craig, has a very uplifting, positive, and soothing voice to lead us all through this meaningful practice.  This is an excellent way to start your day and experience your own body in a loving and sensitive way".  LR

      "Craig has taken the mundane and turned it into a mindful meditation practice. He is establishing a sensual sangha celebrating the community of men who connect through self-pleasuring".  John D.

      "Wednesday morning erotic practice class sets me right for the day and the remainder of the week.  It allows me the time to center on myself and to incorporate my erotic energies into my creative endeavors.  It both energizes and calms me.  Thank you for your leadership".  Adrian S. 

      "Love the morning erotic practice. Starts the day channeling erotic energy to focus my day....And there are moments for quiet meditation too...".  Bob G.


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      Connecting to the Event

      This event will be conducted through Zoom.   On completion of your registration, you will receive a Registration Confirmation email which will include details on how to connect using a designated Zoom Link.  Please check your email / spam folders.     

      Cancellation / Refund Policy

      Cancellations prior to three (3) weeks in advance will receive a full refund. Alternatively, paid fees can be credited to a future workshop. If you cannot attend the workshop and neglect to communicate the cancellation within three weeks of the workshop starting, or attend the workshop and leave early there is no further refund, credit, or transfer. 

      Cancellations less than three (3) weeks in advance will receive no refund. However, The Body Electric School will hold your registration as a credit for a future workshop to be used within 6 months.  More information on our Cancellation and Refund policy is available here.